Covid-19 updates:

Covid-19 Safety Measures

We have incorporated air cleaning technology in our vehicles to keep a safe working environment. We then take it a step further once you exit our vehicle, our chauffeur returns to our shop to further clean the inside and we let with the air cleaning machines to continue to run. all while having our chauffeurs wear masks and keeping partitions up to maintain maximum distance for safety. We believe the air dog technology is a great way to keep everything going while keeping everyone safe. that is our main goal.


Covid-19 Safety

We understand how challenging these times are, and we have the safety of our customers at heart. To provide safe transportation services whilst doing everything possible to keep you and our employees safe and avoid the spread of COVID-19, we have undertaken the following steps to maintain social distancing and hygiene practices.

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All our vehicles are thoroughly and professionally disinfected daily using highly effective disinfectant solutions that cleanse every surface, including all hidden areas that are difficult to reach.

Our chauffeurs fully sanitize all touchable surfaces of our vehicles with approved disinfectants in between services.

  • As recommended by the government, wearing face masks is now a requirement for both our drivers and passengers through the duration of our services.   
  • Medical grade air filters and hand sanitizers are made available in each of our vehicles to maintain hygiene, and for our limousines, dividers are always put up to ensure minimum contact.  
  • Passengers are to sit in the rear side of the vehicles and never at the front passenger seat to maintain social distancing.
  • Our employees undertake a screening program before their shifts and are advised to stay home and self-isolate if they notice any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • We continually monitor the guidelines provided by the CDC to ensure maximum protection for our customers.