New Zealand Company plans 6,000+ EV chargers in florida over the next 6 months

Royal Transportation group offers a fleet of Teslas for chauffeured services in Orlando, Florida. Operating daily!

Electric Vehicles seem to be zapping up all around Florida and Electric vehicle charging companies gear up to embrace the change. We welcome the change here in Orlando, Florida and we are ready for it! Royal Transportation has gotten the head start on Utilizing the electric vehicles as a better alternative than I.C.E vehicles. Focusing on a cleaner Energy Efficient Tomorrow to maintain Florida for the Beautiful state it is. Royal Transportation is in the works of Acquiring solar panels to Generate power Directly from the sun and offering a Sustainable Tomorrow. Starting with the new household brand Tesla boasting the Model Y as shown Features an all glass roof that creates an Authentic view of the Gorgeous Orlando skies and green Scenery. Royal will be Acquiring more of these Electric vehicles from other EV Manufacturers as the new Technology Progresses. Theres a lot of Infrastructure to be put into place, companies like Invisible Urban Charging will be the some of the first to help lay the ground works for this drastic change.

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